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 Feldspar coarse powder grinding mill also be called the feldspar hammer mill, it is a kind of new high technology mining equipment to meet the requirement of sand processing customers. Based on our experts several years research experience in the mining industry and considering recommendations and requirements of domestic and foreign clients, it is the ideal equipment to replace Raymond Mill, ball mill, and other traditional which only process power materials. It is high efficiency equipment and widely applied in quartz sand, silica sand, foundry sand, fine sand and other sand abrasive industry. By being a component of closed production lines, it can produce various size products of better effect.

feldspar coarse powder grinding mill

As for the working principle of feldspar coarse powder grinding mill, step with main shaft, bulk disk and roller bracket is driven by motor through reducer. Installed above bracket, roller assembly rotates with main shaft and swings freely meantime, this bring a large centrifugal force, which scatters bulk materials evenly in grinding intermediate layer between central roller and ring. The bulk materials are grinded into powder and fall on the bottom, and then discharged from discharging opening under the effect of synchronously rotating scraper.

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