Why We Said That Clirik Feldspar Grinding Mill Is Best


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There are many uses of feldspar, such as refractories, paper, rubber fillers, insulation materials, lubricants, pesticides, absorbents, leather coatings, cosmetics and carving materials, etc.. According to the use of feldspar can be divided into: cosmetic, medicine, food grade, paint, plastic, rubber, paper grade, grade level, cable level, ceramic grade, fine feldspar, waterproof material grade, use is very extensive.

feldspar grinding mill

As we all know, feldspar ball mill, feldspar vertical mill, feldspar Raymond mill and feldspar superfine grinding mill are important tools for producing feldspar powder. And we also know that for the production of feldspar with different fineness, we can choose different feldspar powder production equipment.

Feldspar generally through the mill can be further processed into different fineness application with feldspar powder application expansion, production and sales of feldspar powder grinding machine has become more bullish. Clirik for the production of feldspar and other materials of milling function, accept 20mm below, Moh’s hardness below 6 levels of non flammable and explosive materials. The grinding roller host and grinding roller assembly changed a lot, the material from the top down after repeated grinding, make full use of the grinding roller of centrifugal force, and ring contact area is large, it can produce very high fineness of powder, the fineness of the product are mainly distributed in the 5-45 microns.

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