Feldspar Grinding Mill Maintenance Methods


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When we use the feldspar grinding mill, there must be the professional technical operation person focus on the grinding mill working, and the the person must full of the technical level. Before the grinding mill was installed, the operation person must be trained, ensure they can know more about the working principle of feldspar grinding mill and be familiar the work flow of the grinding mill.

In order to make the feldspar grinding mill normal operation, we should establish a “equipment maintain and operation safety system”, ensure our feldspar grinding mill can work with a longer time and safer environment, and we should equip the necessary maintenance tools and grease and corresponding fittings.

feldspar grinding mill

The feldspar grinding mill should be check in time, after a term use. and at the same time, we also should change the grinding roller, and grinding rings in time, grinding roller device to examine connecting bolts and nuts should be before and after use, to see whether there is loose, grease is full.

The grinding roller in feldspar grinding mill should be replace after it was worked more than 500 hours, the rolling bearing of roller sleeve must be cleaned, the damaged parts should be replaced, refueling tools available manual pumps and the grease gun.