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What’s the meaning of FUFM? It’s the feldspar ultra fine mill, the feldspar ultra fine mill is one of the hot sale superfine powder making machines in 2017. Today, let’s know more about our hot sale “FUFM”!

Technical Advantages of Feldspar Ultra Fine Mill

1. The utilization ratio of wear material is high, which is four times of service life of Raymond mill.
2. The processing of fine sand is more effective than other grinding machines.
3. It is an efficient equipment for desulfurization at power plants.
4. As a result of per grinding, the milling efficiency can be increased by 50%.
5. The utility model is mainly used for grinding materials of various brittle materials which can be crushed, whose hardness is less than Moh’s hardness and below 9 grades.

feldspar ultra fine mill

Features of Feldspar Ultra Fine Mill

1. Small noise, small vibration.
2. Great pressure, fine powder.
3. The grinding ring and the grinding roll wear evenly and have long service life, which is 3-5 times of that of ordinary Raymond mill.
4. Application of hardening material processing.
5. The content of iron in the fine powder is low.
6. The utility model can be continuously operated, and the oiling of the grinding roll bearing chamber is not influenced during the operation.
7. The utility model has the advantages of small power consumption, high efficiency and convenient installation and maintenance.
8. The mill has blade feeding, greatly improving production efficiency.